Cecilia De Rafael Hosiery And Today's Office Dress Codes

  • Cecilia de Rafael hosiery is a topic of wide discussion among today's professional women. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, many offices are having a debate about whether or not women should be required to wear hosiery to work. Many managers and business owners argue that hosiery communicates professionalism and exudes the highest standard for appearance. However, many women, particularly women in their 20s, argue that hosiery is uncomfortable and restrictive.

    Women must consider the company's dress code. Many companies set no clear guidelines about wearing hosiery, even though an unsaid preference for wearing hosiery may be well-known throughout the office. Some dress codes require hosiery seasonally, when temperatures are colder, and then relax guidelines when weather is warmer. The strictest dress codes require women to wear hosiery all of the time, under both skirts and pants.

    Before ditching their nylons, women should consider the aesthetic of their legs and feet. LisaMarie Luccioni, also known as The Image Professor, points out that hosiery can cover many flaws that detract from a professional appearance. Leg stubble, a sloppy pedicure and rough foot skin may serve as distractions during a professional engagement when women could cover these slights with hosiery instead.

    Different occupations also have different expectations. In the banking and finance industries, for instance, attire tends to be more formal, so wearing hosiery is expected. In academics and in other more relaxed professions, hosiery may not be the norm. In creative fields, artists may choose to wear hosiery with bright colors and strong pattern to make a strong style statement. Women should be cognizant of the expectations and norms of their particular profession.

    Fortunately, hosiery doesn't have to be restrictive. Cecilia de Rafael has designed many types of pantyhose that offer maximum comfort. The company's Miami 10 line, for instance, is perfect for hot summer climates. Miami 10 is made of a Denier soft satin so sheer that women will hardly feel the fabric on their legs. For colder weather, the Moscu 80 design features wool for warmth and super-soft yarns for maximum comfort.

    Hosiery can also make a personal style statement. Cecilia de Rafael creates two annual collections, spring-summer and autumn-winter, to bring their interpretation of the latest fashions to the market Viena Fashion Lurex tights, for example, feature a glittery look that adds sparkle and shine to any outfit without taking the glitter over the top.

    Cecilia de Rafael hosiery exudes professional sensibility. For women who prefer a control top under fitted suits, the company offers their Panty Bra line to sculpt the figure. Panty Bra hose and tights tuck in the tummy and compress and lift the buttocks to create a more flattering silhouette. For women who prefer professional-looking comfort without the control top, Agata 20 sheer ultra shiny pantyhose offer a wide comfort waistband and look perfect when paired with professional suits and shoes.

    Hosiery doesn't have to be frumpy and uncomfortable. Cecilia de Rafael offers many different designs to fit the sensibilities of any workplace environment. Wearing pantyhose to work won't seem like a restrictive obligation. Cecilia de Rafael makes pantyhose feel comfortable and stylish again.

    Tights from Cecilia de Rafael are created from a variety of materials. Factory designed, these wonderful trends are designed with nylon, elastane, and even polyamide. The combinations of these materials offer the wearer to be able to use them for the barest of appearances. Comfort and endurance are ever lasting with each pair of leggings or tights.